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Arts & Sciences Highlights

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest undergraduate college at Cleveland State University, offering the largest and most diverse collection of academic departments and programs. The college serves all students at Cleveland State, regardless of major, through our significant General Education contributions.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a large footprint across campus, with facilities that range from scientific research laboratories to performing arts venues. The college is also home to world-class research and cultural centers and unique community and industry partnerships.


The college has more than 200 full-time faculty, most of whom hold a Ph.D., M.F.A, or other terminal degree in their field. As active scholars and creative artists, the College of Arts and Sciences faculty regularly conduct research, publish books and articles, present at national and international conferences, compose music, and create works of theatre, dance, film, and art.

Our faculty members also include prize-winning authors, textbook and anthology editors, and are recognized as outstanding educators in their fields. Their work is supported by endowments and grants from prestigious organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health.


The Department of Art and Design and the Department of Theater and Dance are located in the Arts Campus in Playhouse Square. Located in the heart of the largest performing arts district outside of New York City, the Arts Campus features studio art and design classrooms, dance studios, rehearsal halls, and production shop for sets and costumes. The Arts Campus also boasts the professional stage of the Allen Theatre as well as the Galleries at CSU, which presents exhibitions of student and faculty art as well as nationally and internationally recognized artists.

The Department of Chemistry features a Mass Spectrometry Facility and Instrumentation Center. This center allows researchers access to a full range of high-performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS), which is a versatile technique for analytical and bioanalytical research. The center also provides analytical services to outside academic and medical institutions as well as industry partners.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is home to both the Math Learning Center and Math Emporium. The Math Learning Center is a source for free mathematics tutoring, homework assistance and exam preparation. The Math Emporium is a state-of-the-art learning center where students use software featuring instructional videos and adaptive exercises, supplemented with in-person instructional support, to progress through foundational mathematics courses.

The School of Film & Media Arts is housed in the Idea Center, the Playhouse Square headquarters of public broadcaster Ideastream® Public Media. Ohio’s first stand-alone film school boasts a 36,000-square-foot facility with 24-foot studio ceilings, two 2,000+ square-foot sound stages, state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, digital editing bays, and professional production equipment.


The Center for Applied Data Analysis and Modeling (ADAM) is a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary center focused on developing tools for analyzing large amounts of data (i.e. “big data”) and the promotion of high-performance computing.

The Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD) brings together numerous faculty from the Departments of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Physics. GHRD researchers focus on improving understanding of biological processes and how malfunction of these processes results in various diseases.

The Center for Public History + Digital Humanities brings together individuals and scholars in history, education, and library and information sciences and technology in order to produce state-of-the-art public history projects and resources, mobile apps and websites, and oral history.

The Center for Research on the Urban Environment (CRUE) is an intercollege, interdisciplinary group of faculty and students focused on studying pressing environmental issues that arise from interactions among natural systems, human infrastructure, and human activities.

The Center for Slovenian Studies supports Slovenian language study and cultural outreach for the local Slovenian community.

The School of Music is host to the Cleveland Arts Education Consortium as well as the Cleveland Contemporary Players program. The Cleveland Arts Education Consortium promotes and strengthens art education in Northeast Ohio and advocates on behalf of arts learning, while the Cleveland Contemporary Players is an artist-in-residence program featuring guest artists in contemporary music.

The Department of Africana Studies is home to the Howard A. Mims African American Cultural Center, which features a permanent collection of African art, contemporary and traditional works of African American artists, revolving exhibits of the art, culture, and history of people of Africa and the African Diaspora, and a variety of special programming. The department is also home to the Jazz Heritage Orchestra professional ensemble.

Collaborative programs with the Lerner Research Institute (LRI) of the Cleveland Clinic include the Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization in the Chemistry doctoral program, and the Cross-Disciplinary Cardiovascular Science (CD-Cavs) program, which supports Ph.D. trainees from backgrounds under-represented in the STEM workforce.

The college offers a variety of special lecture series and seminars such as the Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar, the Ecology and Environmental Science Seminar, the Viking Series (Psychology), and the Cultural Crossings interdisciplinary lecture series featuring nationally known scholars and artists.

The Poetry Center is a celebrated non-profit independent small press, which conducts an annual poetry contest and publishes collections of contemporary poetry and prose with national distribution, readership, and reach.