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Arts & Sciences at a glance

The College of Arts and Sciences encompasses a wide spectrum of programs commonly grouped into the disciplines of Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

The Arts reveal humans at their most creative – in their ability to shape and transform how we see, hear, and order the world around us. Major programs in this area include Art & Design, Dance, Film & Media Arts, Music, and Theatre Arts.

The Humanities explore how humans perceive themselves and the world, how belief systems and values inform the judgments and the choices people make, and how we communicate. Major programs in this area include Africana Studies, Anthropology, Arabic, Comparative Religion, English, French, History, International Relations, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

The Sciences use various methods of inquiry, data collection, and analysis to build knowledge, offer explanations, make predictions, and solve problems.  Major programs in this area include Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Science, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics.