Student Services Center

Funding Opportunities

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office offers generous funding to undergraduate and graduate students.


None of these awards need to be repaid.  Because they are made possible through the generosity of a donor, recipients are asked to participate in “thank you” campaigns.

  • Traditional Tuition Scholarships – these awards are issued directly to your student account and apply to your tuition costs.  They can be merit-based (for students with strong academic performances) or need-based (for students with limited financial resources), or both.  Awards are often targeted toward students in a particular field of study. 
  • Final Year of Study Scholarships – these awards are a special type of tuition scholarship, limited to students who are in their last year of study and need funding for final tuition costs.  
  • Special Opportunities Scholarships – these awards are not for standard tuition costs, but instead allow students to afford extra opportunities like study abroad, internships, independent research or creative projects, or professional conferences. 

In addition to Dean’s Office awards, many individual academic departments offer scholarships and other funding opportunities for their majors. Students are encouraged to check with their home academic department for scholarships specific to their major/program of study.  


Applying is easy with the Find Me Funding Application.  Choose the link below that best matches the type of funding you are seeking.  Fill out the central application, and you will be considered for all awards for which you are eligible. 

Find Me Funding – Tuition Scholarships
This application is annual.  The link will be active on/around Spring Break each year and will close on May 1.  Awards are always issued for the upcoming academic year (next Fall and Spring semester).

Find Me Funding – Final Year of Study Scholarships
This application is open year-round.

Find Me Funding – Special Opportunities Scholarships
This application is open year-round.