Student Services Center


This petition is for undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students only. Please be sure to complete the petition form in full after discussing the situation with your advisor. For assistance in completing petitions, please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center at or 216-687-9321.

The College of Arts and Sciences petition form can be submitted for the following requests:

  • Credit Overload (requesting to register for more than 19 credit hours in a term)
  • Extension of an Incomplete (requesting to extend a grade of Incomplete from a past term)
  • Late Withdrawal (requesting to withdraw from a course(s) once the drop/withdraw period in CampusNet has expired)
  • Readmission (requesting to return after dismissal/suspension)
  • Reinstatement (requesting to restore courses previously dropped for non-payment)
  • Retroactive Registration (requesting to add one or more courses after the CampusNet and Late Add Enrollment Form deadlines have expired)
  • Upper-Division Credit Waiver (requesting to graduate with fewer than the required minimum of 42 upper-division credit hours)
  • Foreign Language Requirement Substitution or Exemption (requesting to modify the FLR for Arts and Humanities programs of study)

If you do not find the appropriate petition topic listed above, it is likely that the topic requires a University Petition. Please contact the College of Arts and Science Advising Center for more information about the University Petition process.

Submitted Petitions will be reviewed for accuracy and completion by the Advising Center staff upon receipt. Incomplete or inaccurate petitions will be returned to students along with additional instructions for completion. Complete and accurate petitions will be held for the next scheduled meeting of the Academic Standards Committee. Submission of the petition does not constitute a guarantee of approval.

Students should note that the Academic Standards Committee holds only a few meetings each semester. Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center to learn more about petition submission deadlines for upcoming meetings.