Middle Eastern Studies

Requirements for Minor

The Middle Eastern Studies minor provides a broadly based program that focuses on important Middle Eastern topics in several departments. The United States has a long-term need for a critical mass of professionals in Middle Eastern languages, history, politics and culture, who understand the Middle East, to serve the nation's international relations, diplomatic, homeland security, military and economic needs. No other university in Northeast Ohio has such a program. This baccalaureate minor provides courses that students can apply toward both the minor and several different majors (Arabic, Classical and Medieval Studies, English, History, International Relations, Political Science, and Religious Studies).

Requirements of a Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

A minor in Middle Eastern Studies consists of a minimum of 20 credit hours above the 100 level of which 12 must be at the 300-400 level. No grade below “C” in a minor course may count toward the minor. The required core and elective courses are distributed as follows:

Core Course
One core course (3 credits)
    • ARB/HIS/PSC 275 – An Introduction to the Middle East

Intermediate-level skill (8 credits) of a Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian, Syriac, or Turkish). Only 8 credits hours can count toward the minor.

3 elective classes (9 credits) from the following courses:
    •    ART 353 – Art of the Islamic World
    •    HIS 377 – History of Islamic Civilizations
    •    HIS 385 – History of the Middle East to 1405
    •    HIS 386 – History of Islamic Gunpowder Empires, 1301-1798
    •    HIS 387 – Modern Middle East
    •    MLA 235 – Arab Film
    •    MLA 245 – Arabic Resources of Cleveland
    •    MLA 278 – Gender Boundaries and Sexuality in the Arab World
    •    MLA 284 – Arab Civilization and Culture
    •    PSC 332 – Politics in the Middle East
    •    PSC 339 – Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa
    •    REL 364 – Islam
    •    REL 366 – Modern Islamic Movements
    •    REL 367 – Muslim Relations with Christians and Jews
    •    REL 368 – Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    •    REL 369 – Everyday Life in Muslim Societies
    •    REL 475/MLA 375 – The Qur’an: Language, History, and Religion
    •    HIS 388 – The Qur’an: Language, History, and Religion

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