Linguistics Program

Reflections: Foundations and Developments of Generative Grammar

Welcome to our online talk series!

Syntactic theory in the generative framework has been developing for the past 75 years. After three quarters of a century, it is time to write the history of our field, reflecting on its foundations as they bear on current work, and to discuss outstanding questions which may reveal avenues for future research. To facilitate this, we are introducing an online talk series, where long-standing scholars who continue to contribute to the development of syntactic theory will reflect on their early work from a current perspective, tracing the development of the theory over time. We invite you to participate with us in this exciting process! We plan to have one-hour talks, with an extensive discussion after each talk.

Date: Speakers:
February 10, 2024 Richard Kayne
April 27, 2024 Hagit Borer
Summer 2024 Howard Lasnik
Fall 2024 Robert Freidin
Winter 2024-25 Adriana Belletti
November 11, 2023 Robert May (The Genesis of Generative Grammar:
Syntax and Logical Form)
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Lydia Grebenyova
Kleanthes K. Grohmann