Liberal Studies Program

Liberal Studies

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The Liberal Studies major allows you to take an active role in designing a curriculum unique to your goals, talents, and interests. The Liberal Studies program was authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents in September 1989 and has accepted over 350 majors since then.

The B.A. degree in Liberal Studies can be completed in four years of full-time study; part-time study takes longer. Majors and prospective majors in need of Liberal Studies advising may call John Brentar at 216-687-2222 or email him at Liberal Studies majors needing Arts and Sciences and General Education advising may call the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center at 217-687-9321.

Several traits distinguish the B.A. in Liberal Studies from majors in specialized disciplines:

  • a broad-based education across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities;
  • an academic emphasis;
  • maximum flexibility in choosing courses;
  • breadth rather than specialized depth of intellectual experience;
  • appropriateness for students who wish to take an active role in shaping their studies.