Fulbrights Scholars

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Sandra Hurtado Rua
Mathematics and Statistics, College of Arts & Sciences
Colombia (Core) 

Spring 2023
Dr. Stephen Cory
History, Middle Eastern Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
University of Jordan (Core)
Jordan,  August 2019- May 2020
Al-Akhawayn University
Morocco, 2005-06
University of Jordan (Core)
Jordan, 2014- 15
Dr. Paul L. Aspelin (passed)
Federal University of Santa Catarina
Brazil, 1986-87
Dr. Neal Chandler 
English Department
University of Greifswald
Germany, 1999-2000
Dr. Robert Charlick
Political Science Department
France (as a student), 1965-66
National University of the Ivory Coast
Côte d'Ivoire, 1973-74
Dr. Kathy Curnow
Art and Art History
University of Benin
Nigeria, 1997-98 and Spring 1999 (Core)
Brazil, 2000 (Admin Seminar)
Dr. Rodger Govea
Political Science Department
Kyrgyzstan, 2006-2007
Dr. Masumi Hayashi
Art and Art History Department
India, Nepal, 2003
Dr. Barbara G. Hoffman
Mali, 1980s
Kenya, 1997-98
Dr. John Holm
Political Science Department 
Executive Director Emeritus, Center for International Services and Programs
Japan, 1997-98 (short-term)
Dr. Edward Jarroll
Biology Department
Charles University
Czech Republic, 1992-93
Dr. James Scarry
History Department 
University of Turku
Finland, 2001-2002
Dr. Edwin Curmie Price
Political Science Department
Zambia, 2005-06
Dr. Donald Ramos
History Department
Portugal, 1990-91
Dr. Ron Reminick 
Ethiopia, 1993-94, 1994-95, 2005
Dr. Gregory Sadlek
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Bahcesehir University (Specialist)
Istanbul, Turkey 2011-2012
University of Ljubljana (Specialist) 
Slovenia, 2016 
Dr. William I. Shorrock
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Relations; History Department
France and England, 1983-84
Dr. Howie Smith
Music and Art Department
Australia, 1973-74
Dr. Karen Steckol 
Former Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Germany, 1998-99 (short-term)
Dr. Thomas Temple Tuttle
Art and Art History
India, 1999-2000
Dr. Robert Wei
Chemistry Department
University of Kelaniya
Bachesesir University (Core)
Turkey, 2010-11
Dr. Hou-Mei Sung
Art and Art History Department 
National Library Center
Taiwan, 2000-2001
Dr. Regenna Williams
History Department
Obafemi Awolowo University (Core)
Nigeria, 2009-10
Dr. John P. Wilson
Psychology Department
University of Zagreb Medical School
Croatia, 2003-04
Dr. Jan Van Der Meu Len
Art and Art History 
University of Frankfurt
​​​​​​​Germany, 1978-1979
​​​​​​​Portugal, January - March 1978