Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS)

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS)

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The Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS) is a collaborative doctoral specialization program between the Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic (CC) and  Cleveland State University (CSU).  

The Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS) offers unique opportunities for Biology, Chemistry, and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering doctoral students who wish to pursue a specialization in the application of modern cellular and molecular approaches to understanding disease causes and disease mechanisms.

Cellular and Molecular Medicine today is the application of cellular and molecular research approaches to understand disease causes and disease mechanisms; molecular medicine in the near future will include the application of molecular techniques to the treatment and prevention of disease. For most of medical history, clinicians could treat only the symptoms or manifestations of disease. Today powerful new technologies enable us to identify aberrant genetic and protein structures that can result in disease and to understand the fundamental molecular and genetic mechanisms of diseases. The CMMS seeks to expand and develop the links between basic research and clinical practices and to train more student scientists and engineers in the new technologies.

At Cleveland State University, Cellular and Molecular Medicine is a specialization within the three CSU - CC collaborative doctoral programs in Regulatory Biology, Clinical - Bioanalytical Chemistry, and Applied Biomedical Engineering. As such, the studies are governed by the regulations of the three individual doctoral programs as stated in the Graduate Catalog of CSU. The program seeks to recruit promising students to the joint doctoral programs and provide support for their training. With respect to research, the Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization will provide faculty and students with a common focus for collaboration and discussion in order to realize the benefits of interdisciplinary approaches to questions of common interest and immense biomedical significance.  

Assistantships/Fellowships/Student Travel Support

Please Contact:
Dr. Anton A. Komar, CMMS Director
Cleveland State University || Science and Research Center Building, Room 259
2121 Euclid Avenue || Cleveland OH 44115-2406
Telephone: (216)687-2516 || FAX: (216)687-6972 || Email: a.komar@csuohio.edu