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Philosophy is a discipline that studies topics important to nearly everyone, such as knowledge, justice, morality, truth, freedom, and reality.

Philosophy addresses fundamental questions about human knowledge and existence from constructive and critical perspectives. Students examine important historical and contemporary theories concerning ethics, social justice, reality, and the nature and extent of knowledge. Logic is also central to philosophy since the critical evaluation of the reasons given for ideas is as important as the study of the ideas themselves. For this reason, philosophy classes are well known for the presentation of philosophical problems and issues in a manner that stimulates questions, discussion, and a general appreciation for the pursuit of truth. More

Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Cleveland State University provides students the opportunity to gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of the origin and historical development of the world's major religious traditions and a perceptive insight into the roles those traditions play in the world today.

Religious ideas and values fundamentally shape the ways every culture views itself and organizes its society. Courses in religious studies help students to develop both a sympathetic and a critical understanding of the religious dimensions of human societies in order to gain the most direct insight possible into the political, social, and economic issues of our day. To this end, the department's courses aim to equip students with the historical knowledge, methodological tools, and scholarly resources necessary to understand and appreciate religious beliefs and religious behaviors in all the ways they affect human life and culture.

In addition to granting the B.A. in Religious Studies and Minor in Religious Studies, the department offers a broad spread of courses on important issues, topics, and areas of interest in religion for students all across the university. The Minor in Religious Studies and specially arranged double majors also provide lively opportunities to explore personal and professional interests in very creative ways. More

Spring 2023 College of Arts and Sciences Salutatorian
Congratulations to Terrin Akstens, who majored in Psychology (Honors) and minored in Comparative Religion, Women and Gender Studies. 

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