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Two Faculty Teams Receive Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Initiative Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office selected two interdisciplinary research teams for a new internal funding award, the A&S Interdisciplinary Research Initiative, which is generously funded in part by CSU alumni John and Patricia Thompson. This initiative provides funding to support interdisciplinary teams of researchers to write external grant proposals for work designed to investigate challenges facing the people of Northeastern Ohio and contribute to solutions to the region's most vexing issues. Both teams include research-active faculty from the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

The first team, consisting of Professors Thijs Heus (Physics), Marcus Schultz-Bergin (Philosophy), Kevin Mueller (Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences), Cigdem Slankard (Film & Media Arts), and Thomas Hilde (Urban Studies), will be researching Climate change in Northeast Ohio: Social and Scientific Views of Impacts, Mitigation, and Adaptation. Their research will include detailed computer simulations to better forecast climate change, an evaluation of climate change mitigation strategies in light of social justice and capturing the cultural impacts of climate change through documentary film.


The second team, consisting of Professors Erin Avram (Chemistry), Tom Humphrey (History), Shelley Rose (History), and Heather Russell (Music), will be researching Creating a Culture of Community in Teacher Education. Their multi-stage research project is designed to reverse the trend of a decline in teachers, a problem that is especially true in urban areas. Their work is expected to have implications for the nationwide problem of teacher shortages.


Associate Dean Conor McLennan stated, “The research teams have identified foundations and federal grants to which they will apply for external funding to allow them to conduct their work and build a culture of interdisciplinary research that impacts the community – hallmarks of our College of Arts and Sciences here at Cleveland State University. Furthermore, this Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Initiative – and the work by these initial teams of research-active faculty – are consistent with CSU 2.0’s theme to strengthen our anchor mission and become a beacon institution, in part by supporting research related to regional needs.”