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Spring 2020 CLASS Valedictorian

Samantha Paskert

Spring 2020 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Valedictorian


Sam graduated Summa Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Arts. She majored in Anthropology and Comparative Religion with a minor in Native American Studies. In addition to being named the CLASS Valedictorian, she was also named as one of the two University Valedictorians.

"I have really enjoyed and treasured my time at CSU, especially in the comparative religion and anthropology departments," says Sam.

She loved learning about the different ways in which people all over the world, and in her very own community make sense of the world. She loves listening to marginalized people and supporting them in keeping their cultures thriving.

Sam also talked about her favorite areas of study. "I know, I'm all over the place, but I enjoyed Native American religion, culture and language, shamanism, disability studies, and disability civil rights, North African nomadic cultures, indigenous studies, and indigenous studies worldwide."

She plans to go to graduate school eventually and to pursue a Ph.D. Her career goal is to teach, as well as write a book, and travel around the U.S. wilderness.

Sam also stated, "I am so proud of all my fellow students in persevering through this strange time. Keep going––we're going to fix this, together!"