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Issue 1, Volume 1 || Fall 2022

Baskind.jpgSamantha Baskind
Distinguished Professor, Department of Art & Design


Series Editor:

  • Dimyonot: Jews and the Cultural Imagination (newest books published in series)
  • Volume 13: Hasan Sarbakhsian, Parveneh Vahidmanesh, and Lior B. Sternfeld, Jews of Iran: A Photographic Chronicle.
  • Volume 14: Alan Mintz, American Hebraist: Essays on Agnon and Modern Jewish Literature, edited by Beverly Bailis and David Stern 

Public Lectures:

  • "Censored by Princeton: 'Jewish Artists and the Gilded Age.'" Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel (November 2022).
  • Moderator, "PSU Press Presents: Dimyonot," Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (October 2022).
  • "Jewish Artists of the Gilded Age." The Leonard L. Milberg Symposium in Honor of Harold T. Shapiro: Jews in the Gilded Age. American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY (October 2022).
  • Panelist, "History as Mystery: The Surprises Historical Objects Reveal." National Educators Institute: The Art and Science of Teaching Jewish History in America. Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA (August 2022).

Baumgartner_Michael.jpgMichal Baumgartner
Associate Professor, School of Music


Anne-BerryAnne H. Berry
Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design


AIGA, the professional association for design, is our industry’s preeminent professional organization.

JessicaBickel.jpgJessica Bickel
Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Joined the advisory board of Course Source as they started the physics side of this journal focused on lessons using evidence-based pedagogy at the University undergraduate level.

RachelCarnellRachel Carnell
Interim Dean, Honors College
Professor, Department of English


BrookeConti.jpgBrooke Conti
Associate Professor, Department of English


  • NEH Summer Stipend for completion of her book entitled Religious Nostalgia from Shakespeare to Milton. (Summer 2022)

GaryDyer.jpgGary Dyer
Professor, Department of English 


  • Melincourt. Cambridge Edition of the Novels of Thomas Love Peacock. Cambridge University Press, 2022.

At 694 pages, Melincourt is the largest volume in the seven-part Cambridge Edition. Professor Dyer was the sole editor of this volume, responsible for establishing the novel's text and writing the introduction analyzing the composition, textual history, reception, and themes of Melincourt; preparing an apparatus that records all significant textual variants; and composing hundreds of explanatory notes.

KrisztinaFeher.pngKrisztina Feher
Visiting Professor, Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • The College of Art and Sciences, Cultural Crossings, and Hungarian Studies presented the "Hungarian Festival" on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

PetruFodor.jpgPetru Fodor
Chair and Professor, Department of Physics


Dr. Fodor (Physics) and Dr. Kothapalli (Chemical and Biomedical Engineering), together with student George Tomaras (Physics), have just published an investigation on the use of constrictions in microchannels to enhance their mixing capabilities. 

GabrosekGigante.pngAnita Gabrosek (top)
Assistant Professor, School of Film & Media Arts
Maria Gigante (bottom)
Assistant Professor, School of Film & Media Arts


  • The short film "M I L K," written and directed by Maria Gigante and produced by Anita Gabrosek, is the recipient of the 2022 SPACES Urgent Art Fund. This award, supported by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, funds the creation of "urgent art" that is socially, politically, or culturally responsive. The film was shot in August 2022 as a collaboration between FMA students and faculty, including assistant director Andrew Gorell Worm (FMA Adjunct Professor).

The project is currently in post-production

FedericoGaletto.jpgFederico Galetto
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


MichaelGeither.pngMichael Geither
Professor, Department of English


  • He performed his one-man play, The Body is the Best, at Cleveland's BorderLight Festival, North American Cultural Laboratory (N.Y.), and The River Clyde Pageant (Prince Edward Island).

GoncyNaser.pngElizabeth Goncy (top)
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Shereen Naser (bottom)
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


  • The Spencer Foundation grant ($49,904.39) was awarded to THRiVE research collaborative for proposed research "The Possibility of Participatory Action Research to Create Inclusive and Affirming School Based Sex Education for Sexual and Gender Diverse Youth."

THRiVE research collaborative includes Elizabeth GoncyShereen Naser, Katherine Clonan-Roy (Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Foundations), and Kimberly Fuller (Associate Professor, School of Social Work).

F_KAREM.jpgJeff Karem
Chair and Professor, Department of English


Lewis.jpgJeffrey Lewis
Chair and Professor, Department of Political Science


  • "Comics Art and Rights' Movements" at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Symposium, "The Future of the Fourteenth Amendment: Autonomy and Equality Post-Dobbs v. Jackson," October 2022.

ShereenNaser.pngShereen Naser
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Helped co-lead an effort to provide school teams with a reflection tool to help address equity and justice needs within their organizations. This effort was organized by the American Psychological Association's Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education, of which Dr. Naser is a member, and facilitated by funding from the CDC.

MeshackOwino.pngMeshack Owino
Associate Professor, Department of History



  • "The Instruments of Colonial Propaganda in the Nyanza Province of Kenya during World War II," Society for Military History Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, 2022.

CarylPagel_22.jpgCaryl Pagel
Associate Professor, Department of English
Director, Poetry Center


AmirPoreh.jpgAmir Poreh
Professor, Department of Psychology

Currently on the editorial board of 3 other journals:  

  • Psychology and Neuroscience (APA Journal),
  • Archives of Assessment Psychology (American Board of Assessment Psychology Journal)
  • Applied Neuropsychology: Adult (American Board of Professional Neuropsychology Journal)

Ground Rounds:

  • Southwest General Medical Center - Screening for Cognitive Impairment and the Pathogenesis of Psychotic Symptoms in the Elderly Population. 


A new test manual:

  • Poreh, A..M. (2022). Cleveland Adaptive Personality Questionnaire Manual (CAP-Q) Cleveland, OH.

HilaryPlum.pngHilary Plum
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Associate Director, CSU Poetry Center


  • Plum, Hilary. Hole Studies. Fonograf Editions. October 2022.

You can find an excerpt, "The Loneliness of Sinéad O'Connor," in Astra magazine

Rose.jpgShelley E. Rose
Associate Professor, Department of History


MarkSoutherJ. Mark Souther
Professor, Department of History
Director, Center for Public History + Digital Humanities


Professional Lecture/Presentation:

  • "The Past as Future in the "Heart of Georgia": Tourism, Preservation, and Downtown Revitalization in Macon, 1963-1983," Society for American City and Regional Planning History Conference, virtual, October 20, 2022.


  • "The Green Book, Jim Crow, and Black Leisure in Northeast Ohio," Cuyahoga County Public Library, Richmond Heights Branch, Richmond Heights, OH, Garfield Heights Branch, Garfield Heights, OH, South Euclid Branch, South Euclid, OH, and Brooklyn Branch, Brooklyn, OH, September-November 2022.

abed_el-rahman.tayyara.jpgAbed el-Rahman Tayyara
Professor, Department of World Language, Literatures, and Cultures


JacquelineVitali.jpgJacqueline Vitali
Associate Professor, Departments of Physics & BGES


  • Vitali, J., Nix, J.C., Newman, H.E. and Colaneri, M.J. (2022) Crystal Structure of Methanococcus jannaschii Dihydroorotase. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 1-8. doi: 10.1002/prot.26412.
  • Ayotte, S.A. and Vitali, J. (2022) Enzyme Kinetics of Recombinant Dihydroorotase from Methanococcus jannaschii. Ohio Journal of Science 122(2), 47-51.

These publications are co-authored by undergraduate students Haley Newman (Biology) and Seth Ayotte (Chemical Engineering, minor Physics).

WestlundAnnie Jouan-Westlund
Chair and Professor, Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures


  • "Lionel Duroy: Mémorialiste d'un désastre familial" will appear in Quêtes Littéraires, Nº12 (December 2022).


  • "Ceci n'est pas une autobiographie: Je n'est plus (seulement) moi pour I. Jablonka, D. Eribon, E. Louis" at the International Société d'Etude de la Littérature Française du XXième et du XXIième siècle (SELF), Univeristé Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, Summer 2022.


  • Avec Philosophie, France Culture "Le récit de soi est-il toujours fictionnel" (October 11, 2022).

Wanyerka.jpgPhil Wanyerka
Senior College Lecturer, Department of Anthropology

Discipline-Related Experience:

  • Board Member & Trustee. Cleveland Archaeological Society, local affiliate of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). 

Archaeological Fieldwork and Museum Exhibits (Includes Internal Grants):

  • Supervisor and Principal Investigator. Archaeological Investigations at Hale Farm and Village, Summit County, Summit County, Ohio. In association with the Western Reserve Historical Society. Conducted a Phase I and Phase II archaeological survey of the lower flood plain at Hale Farm.
  • Archaeologist/Investigator. Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve, Inc: Erie
  • Street Cemetery Preservation Group. In association with the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Landmarks Commission, Cleveland State University, and others. Working to restore and make capital improvements to Erie Street Cemetery in anticipation of the cemetery's 200th anniversary in 2026.

Professional Lectures & Presentations:

  • Where the Heavens Touch the Earth: A Critical Look at the Fort Hill Earthwork Complex. Cleveland Metropark's First People's Day, Rocky River Reservation, November 6, 2022.

Television/Film/Multi-Media Credit and Interviews:

  • Natalie Dhyanchand & Phil Wanyerka; 2022 CSU's Archaeological Investigations at Hale Farm & Village. (Director and Co-Producer of a 15-minute, High Definition Video Presentation chronicling the 2022 Cleveland State University Summer Fieldschool at Hale Farm & Village, Office of Research and the Department of World Languages, Literature, and Cultures, Cleveland State University.)

Teaching Awards and Honors:

  • 2022 Golden Apple Award Honoree

Ph.D./M.A. Committees:

  • 2022 External Peer Review Committee member for Joseph Dober, MA. Candidate. Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama.

Community Service and Activities:

  • The Prehistory of the Richfield Heritage Preserve: A Walking Archaeological Tour of the Park. Invited speaker to the Friends of Crowell Hilaka & the Richfield Heritage Preserve, Richfield, Ohio, July 17, 2022.
  • The Archaeological History of the Cuyahoga Valley. Invited speaker to the Peninsula Library and Historical Society, Peninsula, Ohio, July 9, 2022.