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COSHP Spring 2021 Outstanding Seniors


Theresa Lincheck
Major: Physics, and Music Performance (Honors)
Minors: Mathematics and Statistics
"​​​​​​​I am Passionate about both the Arts and Sciences. I spent much of my time as an undergraduate performing in CSU’s wind ensemble and orchestra, participating in and serving as the secretary for the Society of Physics Students, and pursuing interests in weather and climate by conducting atmospheric science research in and outside of the physics department. Working alongside Dr. Thijs Heus since 2018, I used Large Eddy Simulations to explore how entrainment, or turbulent mixing, affects cumulus cloud characteristics over time and subsequently improve their representation in larger scale weather and climate models. Becoming more interested in studying meteorology through this work, I went on to further complete an internship at the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma over the summer of 2020 where I researched the Arctic climate via specially designed quadcopters. Inspired by these experiences to begin a career in the atmospheric sciences and help improve our understandings of the weather and changing climate, I will pursue a PhD in Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma after graduation and continue research in weather with a focus on tropical cyclones and weather-climate interactions."

Outstanding Seniors

Alexis Brown
Major: Biology (Honors)
Minors: Mathematics and Statistics
"I am a native Clevelander completing a bachelor's degree in Biology and minors in mathematics and statistics. During my time at CSU, I worked on a research project modeling harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie that sparked my interest in pursuing a career in aquatic ecology and water quality. After graduation, I will learn some new skills at an internship with Holden Arboretum and seek out other opportunities to grow. After a year or two, I plan to pursue a master's degree in aquatic ecology or limnology. I also hope to incorporate my love of mathematics into my future endeavors."

Ariana Chriss
Majors: Biology (Honors) and Mathematics
Minor: Chemistry
"While working on my biology honors thesis focused on DNA repair, I developed a love for research and for genetics. I also learned about the importance of computation in biological research, so I pursued a second major in mathematics. My mathematics senior project combined my passion for biological questions with my interest in mathematical modeling. These experiences inspired me to continue on the path of research. After graduation, I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, with a focus in Genetics & Data Science. I hope to utilize my knowledge of genetics and computational skills to help advance our understanding of human health."

​​​​​​​Alexandra Ferkul
Majors: Environmental Sciences
Minors: Biology, Environmental Studies and Sustainable Urban Development
"After graduation, my immediate goals for the future are to either find a job that lets me use my educational background to solve critical environmental issues and make a lasting difference in the area or to apply to a graduate program in environmental science or hydrology. When the pandemic ends, I also look forward to volunteering at local beach clean ups, invasive species removals, and other events in the Chagrin River Watershed."

Cheyanne Foster
Majors: Biology
Minors: Anthropology 
"After graduation I will be continuing my education to pursue a PhD in Cell Biology at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine.  I am thankful for Dr. Crystal Weyman for believing in me and allowing me to become a member of her lab.  Through my undergraduate research, I have grown more passionate about biology and the process of discovering something new.  I aim to pursue a career as a professor, to inspire students to go beyond their coursework to find an appreciation to all things pertaining to life."

Jovana Hanna
Major: Health Sciences (Honors) – Pre-Medicine
Minor: Chemistry
Jovana, being born and raised in Cleveland, has always dreamt of making a difference in people’s lives. Coupled with her passion for science, her drive to help people made her pursue a career in medicine. She was involved in many areas from volunteering and research, to leadership in many ways in her school and community. From leading a classroom of students as an SI leader to working alongside mentors in research facilities, her hard work and resilience to make an impact has led her to pursue a career in medicine, as she will be attending medical school upon graduation at the Northeast Ohio Medical University. 

Briana Liebhardt
Majors Psychology
Minor: Sociology
"I’m finishing my fourth and final year at Cleveland State with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I’m from Mentor, Ohio and a little moved closer to Cleveland for school. I hope to continue on to earn a Master’s or PhD that will allow me to find work treating trauma survivors. I currently work in the HEART Lab on campus which has allowed me to get to make connections, immerse myself in as much research as possible and regularly learn new skills. I feel really lucky to have found a research lab that is so supportive and fun to be a part of and to have spent the past four years growing my knowledge and passion for psychology here at CSU!"

Caleb Lumsden
Major: Biology (Honors)
Minor: Psychology
"As a biology major, I have had the unique opportunity to study life at the molecular and ecological level. For two years as a research assistant, I studied plant and microbial communities and anthropogenic drivers that alter these communities, while applying the molecular techniques I learned through my coursework. This experience has driven me to an interest in plant-microbial interactions, particularly plant pathogens and disease resistance. Accordingly, following my graduation, I will be working on a resistance breeding program at the Holden Arboretum and applying to related graduate programs. I am looking forward to embarking on this journey as I conclude my undergraduate degree."

Talia Minisall
Majors: Biology – Pre-Medicine
"During my time at Cleveland State I was able to play softball my first two years and complete research my last two.  After graduation, I will be attending OU-HCOM in the Fall to begin medical school.  I hope to practice family medicine."


Marissa Dieleman
Majors: Psychology
Minors: Anthropology and Communication Studies

Josey Snyder
Major: Chemistry (Honors) – Pre-Medicine
Minor: Biology