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Congratulations, Dr. Mekki Bayachou

bayachou.jpgThe College of Arts and Sciences announces that Dr. Mekki Bayachou of the Department of Chemistry has been selected as the new Arts and Sciences Associate Dean for Curriculum and Facilities. Dr. Bayachou has been at CSU since 2001. As a bio-analytical and material chemist, he is an expert in sensor development, functional materials, and nanotechnology. His research focuses on bioanalytical/clinical chemistry to solve health-related problems and to develop an understanding of the molecular basis of pathologies, as well as to design tools to diagnose early disease states. Dr. Bayachou is the recipient of the college Outstanding Research Award and the University’s Distinguished Faculty Research Award in 2007. He is also a fantastic teacher and recipient of the Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award in 2012 as well as CSU’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015. Dr. Bayachou begins his new role on January 9, 2023.