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CIFF 2024 Features CSU School of Film & Media Arts Panels, Films

CIFF_24_Glow.pngIt's that time again! The Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) graces the city annually, celebrating the silver screen medium and those who make it magic.

This Wednesday, April 3 – Saturday, April 13, the 48th edition of the CIFF will feature five unique filmmaker panels at the School of Film & Media Arts, Idea Center, 1375 Euclid Avenue, Suite 600.

The filmmakers all have work included in the festival and will be moderated by members of the CSU faculty; panels will focus on the art, craft, business, and impact of film production for narrative and documentary forms. As is customary, the panel will include an audience Q&A component. All panels are at no cost, and open to the public.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Panel 1:

The Craft: The Creative Team and Their Decisions
Friday 10:00 - 11:15 am
Moderator: Nick Morr

Kareem Tabsch, Director & Producer, Naked Ambition 
Bill Ross, Dirctor, Gasoline Rainbow
Eli Thiele, Cinematographer, Sofa, So Good
Juli Vizza, Editor, True Believer

Panel 2:

The Story: The Journey from Page to Screen
Friday 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Moderator: James Joyce

Alicia Dwyer, Writer, True Believer
Yance L Ford, Director, Writer, Producer, Power   
Luz Orlando Brennan, Director, The Star I Lost     
Ezequiel Asnaghi, Executive Producer, The Star I Lost

Panel 3:

The Business: Follow the Money
Friday 1:00 - 2:15 pm
Moderator: Mark Schimmel

Michael Eisenberg, Director, The Pitch: Patient Safety's Next Generation 
Sedona Babcock, Producer, Kyler Smith: Unfiltered
Alexander Semerano, CPA, Ohio Tax Credit Expert
Shawn Hazelett, Producer& Writer, Minted           

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Panel 4:

Documentary: Real People, Reel Stories
Saturday: 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Moderator: Evan Lieberman

Brian Smith, Director, A House is Not a Disco
Joseph Conforti, Producer, A House is Not a Disco    
Michael Townsend, Subject, Secret Mall Apartment 

Panel 5:

Social Justice: Making a Difference, One Camera at a Time
Saturday: 1:00 - 2:15 pm
Moderator: Eric Siler

Natalie Rae Robinson, Director, Daughters
Lois Lipman, Director, First We Bombed New Mexico