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COURSes EVENTS Study Opportunities in Hungary

Are you interested in the Hungarian language? Interested in Central Europe? Are you perhaps of Hungarian heritage? Do you need to fulfill a foreign language requirement? Learn Hungarian, the language of the Magyars, and know more about Hungarians!

Why study Hungarian?

By speaking Hungarian, you will earn others’ attention and recognition. Learning Hungarian not only contributes to your personal enrichment and makes you acquainted with a wonderful language and culture, but your job opportunities will also widen where Hungarian is useful or recognized. Cleveland itself has a large Hungarian community with various Hungarian cultural organizations. It is possible that you are connected to the Magyars, but you just do not know it yet!

Easy to learn?

Learning Hungarian is easier than you might expect. You already know quite a bit of Hungarian vocabulary, because though Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, it has been influenced by Indo-European languages. Also, Hungarian verbs are not too confusing, because the present and past tenses are most commonly used (future tense used less often).

Why visit Hungary?

There are also many opportunities to visit Hungary to study and improve your Hungarian in a native environment. Hungary is a country with more than one thousand years of history, rich in natural beauty, tradition, and culture. Hungarians are a welcoming and friendly people with delicious foods and dishes; you may have already heard of gulyás (goulash), halászlé (fisherman’s soup), rétes (Hungarian strudel), etc. Once you are in Hungary, the cost of living is very affordable.

Check out the video about the wonders, beauty, and potentials that Hungary can offer:

Further Information
For more information on Hungarian studies at CSU, contact Dr. Krisztina Fehér at 216.523.7170, or the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at 216.687.4645,