International Studies

International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences

I. CAS in a Global Context

Profound transformations brought about by advances in communications and travel have created a crucial global context for university studies. For that reason, the College of Arts and Sciences is strongly committed to international studies. Our faculty are internationally-oriented. According to a recent study, 76% of CAS faculty have spent a significant time abroad, and 44% have published in international journals. Our faculty regularly organizes study abroad programs in Spain, Costa Rica, France, Thailand, Ghana, and Ireland, and we regularly host visiting scholars from such countries as India, Nigeria, China, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. Finally, our faculty have been awarded Fulbright appointments to Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Jordan, Turkey, and Slovenia.  In addition, the college has partnerships with universities in Korea, China, France, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, and Nigeria, and we plan to develop new university partnerships in the Middle East.

II. International Opportunities for American CAS Students

CAS encourages all of its students to have an international experience as a part of their education. And, while it is true that English has become a worldwide common language, we encourage students to acquire reading and speaking skills in a second language of their choice as an essential component of their becoming global citizens. CAS offers majors in French, Spanish, and Arabic, but we also offer language courses in German, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Undergraduate Study-Abroad Opportunities:

  • Spanish language study abroad in Costa Rica and Spain
  • French language study-abroad in France
  • Irish Studies in Ireland
  • Africana Studies in Ghana
  • Sociology Studies in Thailand

For more information contact:
Dean’s Office, College of Arts and Sciences

III. CAS Scholarships for Study Abroad

To make study-abroad possible for our students, the college has two important endowed scholarship funds:

  • The William H. Roberts Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
  • The John D. Holm Study Abroad Opportunity Scholarship Endowment
  • The Bonnie and Peter Raquet High Impact Learning Fund
  • The Marjorie B. Shorrock Study Abroad Fund

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IV. CAS Programs for International Students

CAS welcomes international students who wish to broaden their education by studying in an exciting American urban context. We work with our Center for International Services and Programs to make sure that your stay in Cleveland, Ohio, is as productive and pleasant as possible.  We welcome non-degree students, who wish to spend only a semester or a year studying on our campus, and we also welcome degree-seeking students in the following areas:

  1. Graduate: CAS has Master’s Degree programs in Applied Social Science, Social Work, Economics, Communication, English, Creative Writing (MFA), Spanish, and Music.  For international students, we particularly want to highlight our M.A. in Global Interactions (Political Science) and our American Studies track in the History M.A. program.
  1. Undergraduate:  CAS houses a full menu of B.A. programs in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences.  Specifically, we have Bachelor Degree programs in Anthropology; Art; Graphic Design; Communication Studies; Theater; Dance; Journalism and Promotional Communication; Economics; English Literature and Creative Writing; History; Social Studies; Liberal Studies; Linguistics; Women’s and Gender Studies; French; Spanish; Arabic; Music (including Music Therapy); Philosophy; International Relations; Political Science; Comparative Religion; Social Work; Criminology; and Sociology.  We will have a B.F.A. in Film & Media Arts by fall 2018.

For more information, contact:
Dean’s Office, College of Arts and Sciences