Indian Scholar Program

Indian Scholar Program

Did you know that you can take the following India related courses for credit at Cleveland State University:

  • Indian Art (ART 383)
  • Hinduism (REL 360)
  • Hindu Temple (ART 385)
  • Eastern Religions (REL 276)
  • Buddhism (REL 362)
  • Buddhist Sculpture (ART 384)
  • Far Eastern Art (ART 281)
  • Theater of the East (DRA 319)
  • Structure of Specific Languages-Sanskrit
  • (MLA 310)
  • Ethnomusicology (MUS 414)
  • Yoga I (PES 162)
  • Yoga II (PES 163)
  • Asian American Experience (SWK 355)
  • Alternative Health Practices (SWK 475)
  • Ancient Civilizations (ANT 103)
  • Area Studies in Anthropology-India
  • (ANT 394)
  • Contemporary Social Issues in India (SWK 499)
  • Sociology of the Third Word (SOC 210)
  • Politics of the Third World (PSC 326)
  • Women and Religion (REL 260)

A wide variety of Independent Studies are also available with select CSU Professors.

Did you know that every Spring (Easter holiday season in April) Cleveland State University hosts one of the largest Indian Music Festivals (Saint Thyagaraja Carnatic Music) outside of India.

More than 2000 people attend this ten-day-long Indian festival. Along with musical concerts and Indian dance, it includes lecture demonstrations on Indian vocal music, different Indian musical instruments such as Veena, Flute, Mridangam (Indian drum), and Violin, along with other traditional Indian musical instruments.

For more information contact the organizers of this program at:

Did you know that Cleveland State University invites eminent academicians to the University.

These scholars not only teach credit courses but also conduct community-based lectures on different aspects of Indian culture.

Did you know that Cleveland State University hosts the:

  • Friends of India Association
  • Viking Cricket Club
  • Viking Chess Club
  • Hindu Student Association