Horvath Organizational Psychology Research (HOPR) Laboratory


Dr. Horvath's research interests can be loosely categorized as the study of work-related motivation and attitudes. More specifically, his research tends to fall into the following categories (see the sample research questions below): 

Job Seeking and Job Choice

Current research questions include, but are not limited to:

  • How do job-seekers look for jobs? For instance, what motivates them to network with colleagues rather than use an internet job board? 
  • What do job-seekers look for in organizations? For instance, can information about the type of mentoring program offered by organizations affect attraction? Are some organizations more attractive to individuals who hold different political values?
  • What leads beginning teachers to drop out of the profession? What are the factors that sustain them?

Work-Nonwork Balance

Current research questions include, but are not limited to:

  • How does the pandemic influence how we balance our work and non-work life domains?
  • How do indivduals react to interruptions from family members during work (and vice versa?)
  • How can we improve communication about work-nonwork balance issues among family members?

Religiosity in the Workplace

Current research questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Do indivdiuals who are more religious approach their work differently? Do they place more or less emphasis on their jobs? How does a sense of being 'called' to a job influence workplace behavior?
  • When there's conflict in the workplace, how does the religiosity of the offender (and the victim) affect forgiveness?

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Recently, Dr. Horvath and a team of other faculty received an ADVANCE Adaptation grant from the National Science Foundation. This grant supports programs to increase gender equity among STEM faculty at CSU. The project includes an annual survey of relevant faculty attitudes that we will be using in our research.

Other Projects

Although the categories mentioned above comprise the majority of work in the HOPR Lab, we also research several other organizational psychology topics and are willing to consider others!