Horvath Organizational Psychology Research (HOPR) Laboratory


The HOPR Lab includes many undergraduate and graduate students. However, this is a very new page and we're still collecting information. Be sure to check back here soon for more!

Were you a part of the HOPR Lab (even if it wasn’t called that at the time) and would like to be included on this page? Send Dr. Horvath an email!


Michael Horvath Fall 2018Michael Horvath


Graduate Student Researchers

Anthony CacrioppoloAnthony Carcioppolo

  • Expected Graduation: 2022
  • BA in Psychology, Cleveland State University
  • Research Interests: Emotional Intelligence, Workload, Stress, Anxiety, and Goal Orientation
  • Career Plans: HR / People Analytics

Xiang LiXiang Li

  • Expected Graduation - May 2023
  • BA in Business Administration, Hebei University, China
  • Research Interests: Employee Engagement
  • Career Plans: HR Analytics and Statistics

Alyssa Riley

  • Expected Graduation: May 2022
  • BS in Psychology, Heidelberg University
  • Research Interests: Goal Setting; Goal Orientation; Motivation; Organizational Commitment
  • Career Plans: HR

Jason Ritchie

  • Expected Graduation: 2022
  • BA in Psychology, Kent State University
  • Research Interests: Applicant attraction, motivation, and job engagement
  • Career Plans: Consulting

Laurel SlawinskiLaurel Slawinski

  • Expected Graduation: 2023
  • BA in Psychology, Cleveland State University
  • Research Interests: Work-nonwork conflict; employee satisfaction; training & development
  • Career Plans: HR / Training & development

Jacob WatsonJacob Watson

  • Expected Graduation: 2022
  • Bachelor's degree from Ball State University in Psychology (minor: History)
  • Research Interests: Selection procedures; applicant reactions
  • Career plans: Consulting / PhD


Undergraduate Student Researchers

Jennifer Blair

  • Majors: Psychology and Criminology 
  • Minor: Sociology 
  • Expected Graduation: May 2022 
  • Research Interests: Emotions, Motivation, Forensics, Race/Class/Gender  
  • Career Plans: Graduate School (TBD)
  • Personal Interests: Nature, Travel, Music 

​​​​​​Dawn Diamond

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Criminal justice & Communication 
  • Research Interests: Substance abuse, relationships, abuse within various types of relationships 
  • Career Plans: Licensed professional counselor 


Lab Alumni

Here, we include a partial list of all of the students who have worked in Dr. Horvath’s lab in the past (including work done while Dr. Horvath was at Clemson University).

Corey CecilCorey Cecil

  • MA, Consumer-Industrial Research Psychology, Cleveland State University, 2015
  • BA in Psychology, Kent State University, 2012
  • Current Position: HR Analyst III, Sherwin-Williams
  • Current Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Corey’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite Memory of Time in Lab: While I was writing my thesis, Dr. Horvath really challenged me to be mindful of the details and ensure that each thought and assertion was given the proper attention. This approach helped me to write a thorough and well-rounded thesis and it continues to help me in my day-to-day responsibilities as an analyst. While the thesis was one of the more time-intensive and challenging projects I’ve worked on thus far, it was also the most rewarding.

Jim DickinsonJim Dickinson

  • PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Clemson University, 2005
    • Dissertation: Differential Prediction of Volunteer Outcomes: Refining our Knowledge of Social Service Participation
  • MS, Applied Psychology, Clemson University, 2003
    • Thesis: Recruitment Brochure Emphasis and Perceived Person-Organization Fit in a Community Service-Based Organization, Compared with a Traditional Organization
  • Interests: Employee Engagement, Meaningful Work, Career Development, Competency Modeling
  • Current Position: Chief Learning Officer, SC&H Group
  • Current Location: Sparks, MD
  • Jim’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite Memory: The personal connection with Mike in grad school was meaningful and fun. I remember his care for me as both a student and a person well. I also have him to thank for introducing me and my wife to Settlers of Catan!

Jonas JohnsonJonas Johnson

  • PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Clemson University, 2010
    • Dissertation: Need Based Moderators of Relational and Resource Concerns and their Relationship to Procedural Justice
  • MS, Applied Psychology, Clemson University, 2005
    • Thesis: Blame as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Procedural Fairness Perceptions and Postive and Negative Behavioral Outcomes
  • Interests: Occupational Structure, Compensation, Statistical Modeling, Software Design, Process Design
  • Current Position: Oversight of research and product, ERI – Economic Research Institute
  • Current Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Jonas’ LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite Memory: Sitting in Mike’s office trying to understand how people actually perceive fairness in organizations. Wonderfully stimulating conversations.

Katie Kyser LaRicciaKatie (Kyser) LaRiccia

  • BA in Psychology, Cleveland State University
  • Research Interests: Criminal psychology, positive psychology, behavior /abnormal psychology
  • Current Position: Eligibility Specialist, JP Farley Corporation
  • Katie’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite Memory: Learning new coding in SPSS; brainstorming ideas for research

Ashley Moroney

  • MA, Industrial-Organizational Research Psychology, Cleveland State University, May 2021
    • Thesis: Two Paths to Commitment: A Moderated Mediation Model
  • BS in Psychology, Arizona State University
  • Research interests: DEI in public sector workplaces
  • Current Position: Human Capital Consultant for Government & Public Sector Services, Deloitte
  • Current Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Ashley's LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite CSU Memory: Lunch breaks in the Grad Lounge - it was a great chance to get to know my cohort and people from other programs, and it was a great time to support each other through the learning processes. 

Valerie Taylor OwensValerie (Taylor) Owens

  • MS, Applied Psychology, Clemson University, 2003
    • Thesis: Using Goal Orientation to Predict Training Outcomes
  • BA in Psychology / German Studies, Lewis & Clark College, 1999
  • Current Position: Analyst, then Product QA, now Sales: Academic Analytics, LLC
  • Current Location: Blacksburg, VA
  • Valerie’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite Memory: I apprecate that Dr. Horvath made us do the reading for class by giving us quizzes on the material. Also enjoyed debating which Star Trek is the best