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Arts & Sciences Program Directory

Students or prospective students who would like to learn more about the College's undergraduate programs are invited to contact the faculty members listed below.

Africana Studies    
Thomas Bynum Department Chair 523-7211
Art & Design    
Mark Slankard Department Chair 687-2040
Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences    
Crystal Weyman Department Chair 687-2440
Julie Wolin Associate Chair/EVS advisor 687-3505
Aaron Severson Associate Chair/Undergraduate Program Director 687-4864
Barb Modney Bio advisor/MLS/Honors and Scholars 687-2448
Bibo Li Graduate Program Director 687-2444
Michael Kalafatis Department Chair 687-2451
Bin Su Faculty Advisor 687-9219
Adam Sonstegard Department Chair 687-3956
Brooke Conti Director of Undergraduate Studies 687-6870
Julie Burrell Director of Graduate Studies 687-3956
Michael Geither MFA Advisor 687-3955
William Breeze Director, First-Year Writing Program 523-7145
Film & Media Arts    
Cigdem Slankard Director 687-5101
Stephen Cory Department Chair 687-3920
Laura Wertheimer Director of Undergraduate Studies 687-3927
Jose O. Sola Director of Graduate Studies 523-7183
Mathematics and Statistics    
Gregory Lupton Department Chair 687-4680
Leah Gold (Leah Stella) Undergraduate Program Director and Honors/Scholars Advisor 687-4565
Yiying Fan Graduate Program Director  
Heather A. Russell School Director 687-5099
Kate Bill Music Enrollment Administrator/Recruiter 687-5039
Victor Liva Director of Graduate Studies 687-6931
Philosophy & Comparative Religion    
Matt Jackson-McCabe Department Chair 687-2171
Tatiana Gracyk Bioethics Program Director 687-3900
Sonya Charles Undergraduate Advisor (Philosophy) 523-7144
Sucharita Adluri Undergraduate Advisor (Comparative Religion) 523-7154
Petru Fodor Department Chair 875-9832
Kiril Streletzky Faculty Advisor 687-2434
Political Science and International Relations    
Jeffrey Lewis Department Chair | PSC, IR & Internship Director 687-4678
David Stack Undergraduate Director 687-4546
Eric Allard Department Chair 687-2574
Mike Horvath Undergraduate Faculty Advisor 687-2544
Katherine Judge Adult Development and Aging Program Director 875-9751
Elizabeth Goncy Clinical Psychology Program Director 687-2546
Mike Horvath Industrial-Organizational Research Program Director 687-2544
Andrew Slifkin Psychological Science Program Director 875-9752
Patrick Frato School Psychology Program Director 687-2550
Theatre and Dance    
Holly Holsinger Department Chair, Theatre 687-4883
DeAndra Stone Dance Program Director 687-4883
World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures    
Annie Jouan-Westlund Department Chair 523-7175
Annie Jouan-Westlund French Advisor 687-4655
Abed el-Rahman Tayyara Arabic Advisor 687-5138
Antonio Medina-Rivera Spanish Advisor  
Matias Martinez-Abeijon Graduate Program Director (Spanish) 523-7171
Phil Wanyerka Anthropology Division Director 687-2153
Liberal Studies    
John Brentar Director, Liberal Studies 687-3930
Women's and Gender Studies    
Patricia Stoddard-Dare Director, Women's and Gender Studies 687-4568
Classical and Medieval Studies    
Laura Wertheimer Medieval Studies (minor only) 687-3930
Kelley Wrenhaven Classical Studies (minor only) 523-7167
Asian Studies    
Jeffrey Lewis Department Chair | PSC, IR & Internship Director 687-4678
Lydia Grebenyova Director, Linguistics Program 687-2167
Middle Eastern Studies    
Abed el-Rahman Tayyara Director, Middle Eastern Studies 687-5138

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